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Spotify Miles

Spotify wanted a solution that will prompt radio listeners to switch to Spotify while driving. So we came up with "Spotify Miles", a rewards system that will save miles for the listener, so that every mile they make will go into their pockets. Spotify Miles will benefit all parties involved, Spotify will get more listeners to use the app while driving, the consumer will get rewards, and the sponsors will gladly welcome new customers with promotions that turn these miles into goods and services. While people tend to love the radio, the radio generally does not reward them in return, this is why Spotify Miles will show love to its listeners, so it is actually a win-win situation.

- Awarded in The One Show Young Ones Student Competition 2021 "MERIT"

Student: Ahmed Abd El-Moneim

Student: Ameena Houtta

Student: Mohamed Abutaleb

Student: Badr Ayad



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